The Art of Whisky – McElegance

The Art of Whisky

Meet the artist: Dunbar McIntosh RSW RGI


Single Malt Scotch Whisky – Sauternes Finish – Speyside
Artist: Archibald Dunbar McIntosh RSW RGI – “Cyprus Field”

A Single Malt from Speyside with an Sauternes cask finish. All the elegance and refinement that one would expect from a Speyside Whisky. This is so well illustrated by the beautiful painting of my second cousin, the famous Scottish Artist, Archibald Dunbar McIntosh, who reveals in his painting all the warmth of the Scottish landscape and unique changing contours.

Tasting Notes

N: Summer blossom, gooseberries, ginger
B: Beautifully delicate, hazelnuts, biscuit, honey, ginger jam
F: Sweet, elegant, summer meadows and slightly woody

N: Fleur d’été, groseilles macro, gingembre
B: Magnifique douceur, noisettes, biscuit, miel, confiture de gingembre
F: Sucrée, élégant, les champs d’été et du boise