The Art of Whisky – McExplorer

The Art of Whisky

Meet the artist: Gordon Mitchell


Single Estate Rum from the Caribbean  – Vintage 2009 – Port Cask Finish – Artist Gordon Mitchell “Trash”

Scots has always been adventurers and travellers for commerce, fishing, trading and discovery. McExplorer are some of these treasures picked up from faraway lands in the Caribbean, exclusive rums matured in American Oak then finished in ruby port casks. A combination of aromas and colour spices as well as fruit, tobacco and amber sugar.

The painting of Gordon Mitchell, from the Edinburgh School of Art, illustrates beautifully this taste for travel, adventure with hints of humour.

Tasting Notes

N: Caramel coffee, aniseed, brown sugar
B: Marmalade, cooked brambles, creamy, toffee
F: Soft, fruity, lemon zest

N: Café caramel, anise, sucre ambre
B: Marmelade, mures cuites, crémeux, sucre flambe
F: Doux, fruité, zest de citron